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Workshop empowers local governments to report progress on climate action

This Thursday, the 17th, another training took place in order to train the technical teams of municipalities that are signatories to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) to report their progress related to climate actions. Representatives of the local governments of Costa Rica and Panama participated in this edition and received technical instructions on how to report information on the Unified Reporting Platform CDP and ICLEI. The event was organized jointly by CDP, GCoM and the National Union of Local Governments of Costa Rica (UNGL).

At the beginning of the event, GCoM international adviser, Rebecca Borges, made a brief presentation of the Covenant, highlighting the base document for reporting and presenting the Covenant’s stamp system as well as the benefits to member municipalities. Emphasizing the importance of training, Rebecca explained that “it is from this report that the GCoM will be able to validate and recognize what these cities have done in relation to climate mitigation and adaptation”.

Representing Costa Rica, UNGL’s environmental manager, Eida Arce, stated that “being part of the Covenant is a great opportunity to recognize the effort and work that our municipalities carry out in climate actions and also to show the impact that these actions have on our territory”.

The national coordinator of Panama, Jorge Solís, who is also manager of sustainable development and mobility at the Association of Municipalities of Panama (AMUPA), highlighted Panama’s first steps through the municipality of Ocu and stressed that, due to the covid pandemic -19, advances in 2020 were small. “We are doing everything in our hands. And know that, we are on this path, we have very good intentions, but we are still learning and certainly we still have a lot to learn, especially with our brothers from Costa Rica” pondered Solís.

Some tutorials that explain the reporting process are already available on the Covenant website. To see them go to:
To access the meeting recording, click here.

About the report

Participating in the GCoM requires the commitment of the city or the local government to inform or report each of the documents and goals on one of the official platforms of the Covenant, to then receive recognition for the initiative.

To guide members in the process of submitting information to GCoM via reporting, we have made the Common Reporting Framework available, which can be accessed here. In addition, tutorials that explain the reporting process are also available here.

Municipalities that report on their climate actions, in addition to obtaining formal recognition from the GCoM, gain visibility, competitiveness, anticipate regulatory and policy changes and identify and control climate risks.

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