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Quito involves various sectors in the construction of its Climate Change Action Plan

The Municipality of Quito, capital of Ecuador, works on the development of its plan taking into account the key actions to reduce emissions and risks, with the aim of having a short, medium and long-term roadmap to achieve neutrality until 2050. In this sense, the Ministry of the Environment organized the Inclusivity webinar on Climate Change Planning, on May 14.

In this event, the methodology for the Inclusive Climate Change Action developed by C40, experiences of inclusivity and participation in urban planning in Medellín, the advances in the diagnosis of economic, social and environmental context in Quito and the perceptions of well-being and quality of life in the city by the City Institute.

The effectiveness of planning and action against climate change depends on collective action. It is for this reason that the Municipality of Quito is working transversally to build knowledge and experience of various institutions and actors in the city, such as the private, the academic, society organizations, and international cooperation. Climate change planning is effective only when it is inclusive, and takes into account all citizens and their representations; where resources and benefits are distributed equitably.










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