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Petrolina joins the GCoM and the efforts to fight climate change in Brazil

Petrolina has become part of the largest global coalition of cities committed to actions to mitigate climate change. Mayor Miguel Coelho signed the agreement to join the Global Covenant Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM). The initiative, led by the European Union, contemplates more than 10 thousand municipalities, in 135 countries, voluntarily committed to the fight against climate change, the reduction of its impacts and the encouragement of clean, sustainable and accessible energy for all.

The Sertaneja city already carries out sustainable practices and intends to expand its socio-environmental projects. More than two years ago, for example, the city hall extinguished the emission of paper for documents and adopted the digitalization of bureaucratic dispatches, such as crafts, ordinances and communications. Several educational campaigns, the Orla Nossa project to revitalize the São Francisco River, the creation of a public nursery and the planting of around 8 thousand trees were other actions promoted in Petrolina.

In 2021, the city intends to make a leap in the use of clean energy. A solar power plant is under construction in Petrolina and should start supplying parks and public buildings as early as this year. Associated to this, the Mais Luz program will change all the lighting of the poles for less polluting equipment until 2023.

For Miguel Coelho, the adhesion to the Global Pact represents a firm step by Petrolina to turn sustainable practices into constant habits in the sertanejo municipality.

“Petrolina is blessed by the São Francisco River, has grown and developed because of its natural wealth and the strength of its people. Therefore, preserving the environment is more than a complementary activity, it has to be signed and practiced every day. Since the first day of government we have sought to adopt environmental measures and, with this pact, we formalized our interest and need to combat the emission of pollutants and discuss the environment with society as a whole,” explains Miguel.

The international advisor of the Pact in Brazil, Rebecca Borges, highlighted the meetings held with the municipality this month and the demonstration of commitment made by the mayor and his team.

“We have established a very positive dialogue and we are sure that Petrolina will develop an excellent work in this commitment it has assumed with the Pact. The city is now joining a network of innovative solutions around climate action. The actions that will be implemented in a planned and coordinated way have the potential to improve the quality of life and health of the communities, besides contributing to a prosperous economic future. Therefore, we congratulate the municipality for its commitment”, declared Rebecca Borges.

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