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GCoM-LAC community: Argentina and Paraguay conduct exchange on local climate change management

The Argentine Network of Municipalities Facing Climate Change (RAMCC) and the organization YVYJARYI – Citizenship against climate change in the Republic of Paraguay have been exchanging since May with the objective of working at the bases to the development of Climate Action Plans in local paraguayan governments. The action it is co-organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES). YVYJARYI brings together civil organizations and Paraguayan municipalities that aim to promote mitigation measures and adaption to climate changes.

The exchange program between the entities also includes the presentation of a development methodology of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, contribute to the development of a calculation tool for estimating GHG, in addition to presenting the concepts to be taken into account in the evaluation of climate risks and to know and define actions related to mitigation and adaptation to climate changes. In addition, organizations seek to consolidate a bond of solidarity to promote and strengthen networks that coordinate local management against climate change in the region.

The idea is that local Paraguayan governments will be able to implement a calculation tool for estimating greenhouse gases, manage to carry out the climate risk assessment, in addition to systematizing mitigation and adaptation to climate changes. “Let’s share knowledge with our municipalities focal points and, consequently, we will have tools built in a participatory way, which we consider achieving greater ownership by the municipalities and their citizens”, said Isaac Buergo Almirón, National Coordinator of the Yvyjaryi Project.


The YVYJARYI – Citizenship Against Climate Change project is co-financed with European Union funds and is completing three years of implementing. There are eleven municipalities involved, divided by region: in Itapúa are Encarnación, Capitán Miranda, San Juan do Paraná and Carmen del Paraná; in the metropolitan region are Asunción, Luque, Lambaré and Mariano Roque Alonso and in the Bajo Chaco region are the municipalities of Benjamín Aceval and Villa Hayes.


The Argentine Network of Municipalities Facing Climate Changes (RAMCC) is one of the national coordinators of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean (GCoM-LAC) which receives support from the European Union International Urban Cooperation Program (IUC). The organization meets currently 214 municipalities representing 26% of the country’s population. Of this total 112 network cities are signatories to the GCoM LAC and 30 of them were recognized by the GCoM with the total compliance medal.

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