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CDP & Iclei Platform: Tutorials provide guidance on reporting climate actions

With the aim that the managers of the cities that are part of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy can report their work for the climate in their territories, the tutorial videos on the CDP & ICLEI unified platform are now available on the Covenant page. The series of video tutorials aim to facilitate the access to the tool, developed by the organizations Disclosure Insight Action (CDP) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), and make it possible to report the actions of the city teams, which will be able to consult them and verify them continuously.

Available in Spanish and Portuguese, the tutorials present all the stages of the platform in a clear and didactic way, about vulnerability analysis, climate risks, adaptation actions and plans, inventories and objectives to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other topics. 17 tutorials in Portuguese and 6 in Spanish can already be found on the Pact page. The good report of the climatic actions by the municipalities will lead them to be recognized by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.


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