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Climate Emergency, Unlocking the Urban Opportunity Together

Climate Emergency, Unlocking the Urban Opportunity Together



Transformative climate action in cities can catalyse national economic prosperity and enhance quality of life for urban dwellers, while reducing global emissions. Over recent years, unprecedented high temperatures, floods and drought have severely affected cities worldwide and impacted nationally critical infrastructure, services and economic activities. National governments and cities need to work together to prepare for, and adapt to, the increased risk posed by climate change. While many nations have made climate commitments, the world needs to do more to remain within 1.5 degrees of global temperature increase and protect the future of our planet. Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) cities are committed, now more than ever, to offering nations a vital and valuable solution to the climate crisis.

Key Words: Impact Assessment, Local Climate Action

Category: Adaptación/Adaptation/Adaptação, Mitigación/Mitigation/Mitigação, Planificación Climática/Climate Planning/Planificação Climática
Country:  Global
Year:  2019
Type: Informe/Report/Relatório
Language: Inglés
Author: GCoM
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