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Climate Opportunity: More Jobs, Better Health, Liveable Cities

Climate Opportunity: More Jobs, Better Health, Liveable Cities



This report presents analysis on the impacts of climate action up to 2030 through energy efficiency retrofit in residential buildings, enhanced bus networks, and district-scale renewable energy in major global regions, based on the development and utilisation of new impact assessment methodologies and tools

Case studies were also supported by staff from the following C40 Cities:
London(UK), Qingdao(CH), Rio de Janeiro(BR), Seattle(US), Toronto(CA)

Palabras Clave: Case Study, Sustainable Urban Planning, Local Climate Action

Categoría: Adaptación/Adaptation/Adaptação, Metodología/Metodology/Metodologia, Mitigación/Mitigation/Mitigação, Planificación Climática/Climate Planning/Planificação Climática
País:  Global
Año:  2018
Tipo: Informe/Report/Relatório
Idioma: Inglés
Autor: New Climate Institute, GCoM, C40
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